What is a Lithium Amp Hour (LAH)? PBEq

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What is a Lithium Amp Hour (LAH)? PBEq

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When a battery is in a fully charged state it stores electrical energy. The amount of usable energy in this state to perform a function will vary greatly depending on factors such as load, time, and temperature.

In a lead-acid battery, the amount of the load will greatly affect the battery’s usable capacity, which is based on the Peukert equation. The ability for lead-acid batteries to sustain a load is relative to the specific battery’s capacity. A typical lead-acid battery will experience an extreme voltage drop when a heavy load is placed on the battery. Often, if the load exceeds the battery’s sustainable ability, the battery’s voltage will drop to an unusable level and the battery will fail.

Due to vast improvements in electrical ability found in Braille’s Lithium Battery Technology, the usable capacity of Braille’s lithium batteries are able to sustain over 10.2 volts under load. This is, on average, the same as lead-acid batteries with 3 times the standard capacity rating. This usable power rating, represented by voltage under load, is called a Lithium Amp Hour rating (LAH).
The Lithium Amp Hour rating can be used as a guide to help determine the correct battery when attempting to achieve premium weight and size benefits using Braille Lithium Batteries. For example, if a 30 AH, lead-acid battery is currently being used, it may be upgraded with a 30 LAH rating Braille Lithium Battery, which under equal loads, will deliver similar draw down performance. While the Lithium Amp Hour (LAH) rating is very useful for providing an insight into the advanced performance of Braille’s Lithium Batteries, it is not a replacement measurement for the traditional AH rating, which should be used to determine charging rates, total discharge performance, and long-term storage calculations.

The following graph depicts the way a Braille Lithium Battery will perform relative to its state of charge and load. The graph also illustrates the battery’s ability to deliver critical starting, lighting, or ignition (SLI) performance even while not fully charged. It is clear the advantages of Braille’s Lithium Battery technology over traditional lead-acid batteries and the use of LAH helps to determine the perfect lithium battery for specific needs.


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