Braille Battery Launches Critical Systems Web Site

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Braille Battery launched this week in conjunction with the IDGA show a new web site to serve the needs of Braille customers in the OE, Commercial, Fleet. Medical and Critical use sectors.
This new web site is known as: Braille Battery “Critical Systems”
On this site are products exclusive to Braille Battery technology, these include:
- Lithium Ion OEM Drop in Replacement Batteries - available in Deep Cycle, Lightweight & Starting versions.
- Small Engine Start Lithium Ion Batteries
- Deep Cycle and Marine Batteries
- Portable Power Systems for use in Remote, Hand Held or Reserve Power Applications
-  Custom Battery Solutions within Braille’s Power by Design Program

Also available through this web site is access to Braille’s “Power by Design” program. This form allows Braille Battery to aid our existing and future customers on Lithium Solutions which are not available through our COTS products.
Power By Design Products are available from 3V - 750V systems with Capacities from 650mAh on up to 165KW Integrated Systems.

This program is to provide custom lithium solutions including:

- Lithium Ion Starting Batteries
- Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Batteries
- Lithium Ion Electric Vehicle Batteries
- Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries
- Lithium Ion Reserve Power Batteries
- Lithium Ion Portable Power Batteries
- Lithium Ion Solar Batteries
- Lithium Ion Traction Batteries
- Lithium Ion Remote Storage Batteries
- Lithium Ion Marine Batteries
- Lithium Ion Yacht Batteries
- Lithium Ion Powersports Batteries
- Lithium Ion Motorsports Batteries
- Lithium Ion Hybrid Batteries
- Lithium Ion KERS Batteries
- Lithium Ion Charging Systems

Access to the Critical Systems web site is available directly by typing into any web browser

Power by Design is available directly from this link:

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